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We take the lead in spectroscopy, imaging and the development of new scientific instrumentation.


Spectra Optical Solutions instrumentation has found uses in many fields.  As a developer of tools for leading edge optical research, Spectra Optical Solutions has been exposed to multitude of different applications.


Field Description
Protein Crystals
An ultraviolet microscope can locate  the protein crystals while an ultraviolet spectrophotometer is used to qualify the the purity of the crystals.
Surface Plasmon Resonance
The optical phenomena of surface plasmon resonance is being characterized by UV-visible-NIR spectrophotometers including how the materials respond to their environment.
Carbon Nanotubes
Spectrophotometers are used to understand the physics and chemistry of carbon nanotubes and other carbon based materials such as graphene

OLED Spectrophotometers are used to develop the next generation of display technologies that use Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED).
Coal Photometers are used to characterize the energy content of coal by measuring the levels of vitrinite contained within the coal sample.
Semiconductors Spectrophotometers uses interference reflectometry and transmission spectroscopy to measure the thickness of thin films deposited on silicon and other substrates.
Color Spectrophotometers are used to qualify color of products ranging from the latest computer displays to textiles after dying.

using spectroscopy

Spectroscopy is, generally, a fast and non-destructive method for analyzing samples.

With the advent of computers and robust detectors and optics, spectroscopy has found many more applications in both research and industry.

In the UV-visible-NIR range, spectroscopy is used to study molecules, hence the name molecular spectroscopy.  There are many different applications including
1. Concentration of solutions
2. Purity of pharmaceutical compounds
3. Color of pigments


Spectroscopy has been used in many different ways to study biology.  Some of the research actually tries to understand the physics behind biological processes.  Such work includes:

1. Photosynthetic processes

2. Photodynamic therapy for cancer patients

3. Agriculture


The goal of much research in physics is the understanding of the underlying principles of the universe and how they can be used.  Spectroscopic studies have included

1. Physics of Graphene

2. Optical coatings

3. Solar cell development