skylab Spectra Optical Solutions

We take the lead in Spectroscopy, Imaging and the development of new Scientific Instrumentation.

About Us

Since its inception, Spectra Optical Solutions has specialized in optical tools for the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared regions. Products include devices able to take spectra of samples by many different techniques. Spectra Optical Solutions has also designed and built UV-visible-NIR range imaging devices. Full spectral range fluorescence, transmission,reflectance and Raman  spectra and images can be acquired from samples non-destructively and without contact. Spectra Optical Solutions manufactures both scientific grade systems in addition to specialized systems for industries such as semiconductor inspection and pharmaceutical metrology. 

Spectra Optical Solutions has decades of experience designing, developing, manufacturing and installing optical instrumentation. Spectra Optical Solutions is committed to maintaining the highest level excellence for its' products and service.


Spectra Optical Solutions designs and builds superior instrumentation for science and industrial applications. We specialize in the UV, visible and NIR regions and pride ourselves in making the finest tools for the finest minds..
Since Spectra Optical Solution's founding, our mission has been to become the leading provider of superior quality optical tools and superior support for the customers who use those tools.